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State-certified or licensed appraisers prepare full appraisal reports that comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and provide critical information to lenders, home buyers and sellers. An appraisal is an important part of the home buying process because it assures the lender that the property has adequate collateral to make the loan. Our members have extensive market knowledge for the Green Valley, Sahuarita, Pima County, and surrounding areas. Following info will help you find an Appraiser.

Agave Appraisals

Appraiser: Kevin Caswell
Phone: (520) 904-4478
Email: kevincaswell@msn.com

Amazon Appraisals, Inc

Appraiser: Ed Stanton
Phone: (520) 529-3878
Email: efanm@cox.net

Appraisal Link

Appraiser: Polly Stidham
Phone: (520) 906-0530
Email: appraisal_link@yahoo.com

Appraisals By Law

Appraiser: Lisa Law
Phone: (520) 730-1481
Email: lalaw1@cox.net


Appraiser: David Harper
Phone: (520) 798-1785
Email: order@apprAZE.com

Arrow Appraisal

Appraiser: Tom McReynolds
Phone: (520) 237-9700
Email: mcreynoldstb@earthlink.net

Atascosa Appraisal LLC

Appraiser: Tom Droegkamp
Phone: (520) 440-8322
Email: atascosa@inbox.com

Blanshan Appraisals

Appraiser: Emmy Stetson
Phone: (520) 795-7677
Email: docnicm@tuccoxmail.com
Boomerang Appraisals  
Appraiser: Matthew Dickson
Phone: (520)665-9740
Email: matt@boomerangappraisals.com 

Brown & Rhodes

Appraiser: David Brown
Phone: (520) 240-1266
Email: dave@brownrhodes.net

Compline Group

Appraiser: Sarah Vetault
Phone: (520) 795-3422
Email: sarah@complinegroup.com

Equity Valuation Services

Appraiser: Bruce Smith
Phone: (520) 323-9800
Email: equityval@dakotacom.net

Floyd Robin Appraisal Services

Appraiser: Floyd Robin
Phone: (520) 548-3372
Email: floydrobin@centurylink.net
Francione Appraisal Team, LLC
Appraiser:  Ginger Francione
Phone: (520) 271-8206
Email: ginger@francioneappraisalteam.com 

G and G Appraisals

Appraiser: George Gessner
Phone: (520) 990-8794
Email: gessnerg@aol.com

Havins Company

Appraiser: Herbert Havins
Phone: (520) 327-0022
Email: havins1@cox.net

Hillman Appraisal Services, LLC

Appraiser: Brent Hillman
Phone: (520) 640-6195
Email: info@hillmanappraisals.net 

Ira T Gold & Company

Appraiser: Ira Gold
Phone: (520) 290-6116
Email: iragold@dakotacom.net
Ironwood Appraisal Serivces, LLC 
Appraiser: Robin Dean
Phone: (520) 907-5976
Email: ironwoodappraise@aol.com 
Joseph F Koch
Appraiser: Joe Koch
Phone: (520) 822-6265
Email: jkoch7@cox.net

Joseph's Appraisal Group

Appraiser: Tony Cardinal
Phone: (520) 988-5917
Email: tony_cardinal@yahoo.com

Keeler & Associates

Appraiser: Ronald Keeler
Phone: (520) 721-1278
Email: appronkeel@hotmail.com

Kee Real Estate Services 

Appraiser: Ernesto Elizondo
Phone: (520) 232-4352
Email: ernestoza@gmail.com

Kent D Maas Appraisals

Appraiser: Kent Maas
Phone: (520) 749-0837
Email: kentmaasappraisals@yahoo.com

KPD Appraisals, Inc.

Appraiser: Kevin Dowling
Phone: (520) 290-2619
Email: kevin@kpdinc.net
Kelsy Gray Appraisals 
Appraiser: Christine Kelsey-Gray
Phone: (520) 559-2613
Email: kelseygrayappraisals@gmail.com  

Madson Brown & Associates

Appraiser: Ed Madson
Phone: (520) 318-6000
Email: edward@madspnbrown.com
Martell & Associates
Appraiser: John Martell
Phone: (520) 297-0138
Email: martell@gainusa.com 

Meyer Appraisals, LLC 

Appraiser: Eric Meyer
Phone: 520-954-6184
Email: emeyerapps@gmail.com 
Leigh Pattalochi Company
Appraiser: Leigh Pattalochi
Phone: (520) 748-8333
Email: officemanager@pattalochi.com 

Priority Appraisals

Appraiser: Barbara Banis-Zimberoff
Phone: (520) 204-2187
Email: Barbara@priority-appraisals.com

Professional Appraisals

Appraiser: John Ugrotzi
Phone: (520) 908-1113
Email: johnmujr@gmail.com

Smith Appraisal Company

Appraiser: Daniel Smith
Phone: (520) 881-5609
Email: dansmithproperties@gmail.com

Stark Appraisal

Appraiser: Anthony Colica
Phone: (520) 349-9474
Email: anthony@starkappraisal.com

Sunshine Appraisal

Appraiser: Laura Forrey
Phone: (520) 591-2038
Email: lauraforrey@gmail.com

The Castillo Group, LLC

Appraiser: Charlene Castillo
Phone: (520) 237-4437
Email: char@tucsonrealestateservices.com

Tucson Appraisal Associates

Appraiser: Mary Miller
Phone: (520) 294-9214
Email: marymiller3@cox.net

Tucson RE Appraisal

Appraiser: Jeff Patch
Phone: (520) 326-6066
Email: rootbaygen@theriver.com

Udell Appraising

Appraiser: Keith Udell
Phone: (520) 888-9192
Email: kudell1979@gmail.com

Wilson Appraisal Services

Appraiser: Pat Wilson
Phone: (520) 579-9148
Email: wilsonapp@comcast.net